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Warm Summer Blues

We love using colors in new ways. Patsy Finnell, our gifted showroom designer, has used blues in many displays throughout the store. We've watched blue take several forms over the past few years... going from turquoise as it paired with browns, then fading into a grayer shade of blue and now we love seeing it as a new neutral, in its darker, moodier form of indigo & navy. No matter the trend, blue blends into every situation quite nicely. See how Patsy took a warmer turn for summer blue by pairing it with sandy, sun scorched browns, coppers and added a brightening effect, using our latest silver lantern arrivals. We love color and we KNOW color. Come play with us! We're a great resource for home inspiration & decoration.

Patsy Finnell, Master Showroom Designer

Use the arrow to see Patsy's before & after.

See closer detail shots of the items she used below.

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