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Potted Paradise

One of the fun things about visiting Evergreen is knowing what you see this week, will most certainly be different than what you see next week. Items sell quickly, which grants our showroom designer, Patsy Finnell, the opportunity to be creative and have fun with new displays. Some displays practically create themselves as new inventory rolls in. Other spots are 100% open to interpretation, as was this one, which makes it super fun for Patsy! Inspired by the notion of simple, understated, potted plants (see the first photo in our gallery, courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/vintageporch/), Patsy had Marge pot some of her favorite foliage and went to town. The end result shouts "garden;" soft and subtle, lush and lavish. Of course, we have a small space within which to fill loads of merchandise but in your home, small touches of our faux potted plants will make a bold, green impact. Stop by Evergreen today, to chat with Patsy, to see her displays, and to find wonderful new additions to your home, no matter what your style. Evergreen's the place to be!

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