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Neutral Blue

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

It's easy to fall in love with the neutral interiors you see as you troll Pinterest. Cool grays, warm creams, warm grays, cool creams...you name it. An all neutral palette does catch the eye. That being said, sometimes a little pick me up is needed to pull our eyes into and out of a space.

In comes blue to the rescue... Typically, one doesn't think of blue as a soft color due to its vibrance and joie de vivre; but when paired with a neutral palette like Patsy's silvers, grays and blacks below, it does act as a soft buffer, allowing our eye to process each grouping with minimal overload. We've still maintained a neutral schema but have added a little zing at the same time. See how Patsy used her blues below and see our inventory in the process. We know home decor.

Showroom Display by Patsy Finnell

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