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Let Evergreen Help You Fill Your Container

It's Saturday. You're out shopping with your dearest friend. You walk into your favorite home store (Evergreen, perhaps?) and see the perfect lantern for your entry table. Immediately, your friend conjures up three variations for filling it. You're still working on your first idea. Drawing a blank? This is when Evergreen's showroom designer, Patsy Finnell, comes in very handy; especially when your dearest friend stays home, and you're shopping solo. Patsy takes products from basic to "Did you SEE this?" exceptional. It's a gift she shares everyday, loving to top herself every chance she gets. So why not give her that chance during your next Evergreen visit? Ask her to help you fill your bowl, tray, basket, lantern, etc... In the meantime, take a look at a few quick pairings she has made this week.

Patsy Finnell, Showroom Designer

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